Why Not Add An Article To Our Website

Why Not Add An Article To Our Website
We are always looking for new “Guest Travel Writers” to share their travel knowledge, experience & tips with our ever increasing visitor base.

By adding your own experiences, will then help to continue the expansion of our website and allow us to reach new audiences & markets.

Your articles can be about ANY aspect of travel, we would love to hear particularly from writers who have visited St Augustine or surrounding areas in Florida, or the USA in general, but it’s not a necessity!!.

“What’s in it for me” I hear you say, what we can offer you is the opportunity to add high quality, unique content that will be viewed by ever increasing numbers of our visitors, the benefit to you will also come from the inclusion of “active links” in your articles that will draw additional visitors to your own website, forum or blog which will help improve your own ranking & search results…..

We are also very happy to consider an article exchange with fellow travel websites & blogs, please use the “Contact Us” link below & email us with a brief outline of your site & it’s URL.

Please remember EVERY article you submit is it’s own UNIQUE PAGE on our website, you can update it at any point in time.

You can also always add new articles at any time.

Guidelines for Your Articles

1. Your article MUST be either: travel related; offer insight into customs, culture and food; touch on activities that a visitor might enjoy during, or as a result of their holiday travel; or offer advice about products and services that might enhance their vacation experience.2. Your article should be a minimum of 400 words & a maximum of 600 words, a nice photograph is also really useful.

3. Two “in-context links” only within the body of the article, additional ones will be removed.

4. Please add a short “bio” at the end of your article, you may add an additional single weblink + email address if you desire.

5. This FREE article publication service is designed for private websites &blogs to help to promote them, if you are writing & submitting an article on behalf of a commercial concern please contact us before submission as there is a publishing fee. Any commercial articles submitted without prior contact will have the active links removed before publication.

6. ORIGINAL ARTICLES ONLY!. Please don’t submit an article you may have previously submitted to another site, duplicate content has little to no value with search engines – duplicate articles will be removed along with their links!.

7. We’ll review the article, and publish it with the active links. After we publish the page you may wish to add a link back to the article from your blog, forum or website, to do that merely locate the message “Enjoying this page…..PLEASE PASS IT ON….here’s how..” you will find this linkat the top & bottom of your page, click it, cut & paste the short HTML & you have a permanent link back to your article that you can then pass onto others!!.

Special Notes

Your article will receive comments from readers. The more relevant the article the better the comments will be, the more your article will stand out, and the better your link will be promoted.

Include at least one good colourful picture with your article, more if possible, always remember, pictures are content too, and this may be the first impression a reader has of your site.



If you have any questions regarding writing articles or article exchange, please just click the Contact Us button, we always answers questions within 48 hours.

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