Getting Around St.Augustine On Foot And By Trolley

St. Augustine is full of beautiful outdoor spaces and unforgettable sights to see, but navigating through the city can be a cumbersome task. Here are some useful tips for those who prefer to walk as they experience the culture and beauty that St. Augustine has to offer.

Getting Around St. Augustine on Foot

There are plenty of things to do in St. Augustine, whether you’re planning on staying for a few hours or days, walking is one way to get around. Here are some tips for those who love to stop and explore!

If you’re coming to Saint Augustine by foot, be prepared for a bit of an incline. The best way to conquer the uphill trek is to break it up into manageable chunks. Allow yourself plenty of time: A brisk walk can take up to an hour, but if you pace yourself it should only take around 30 minutes.

And don’t forget your water bottle! There’s no shortage of places to refill along the way (just make sure you sanitize your bottle before filling it!), but if you’re feeling energetic there are also many places to find filtered water without having to go too far out of your way. If your feet start feeling sore after a long day of walking, take a break at one of the beautiful parks dotting the city. With so much history and beauty surrounding you, resting assured that all is well will be easy!

Getting Around St. Augustine by Trolley

If you’re a fan of antiquing or simply want to see some of the most beautiful architecture in all of Florida, a walking tour is a perfect way to do it. Whether you’re interested in admiring colonial-era homes or looking for sleepy Restoration-era villages, here are a few tips to make your St. Augustine walks comfortable and scenic.

Walking Tours of Historic St. Augustine

St. Augustine offers several walking tours that will show you some of the city’s most historic buildings and neighborhoods. The longest tour, which covers over 4 miles and takes about two hours, is offered by Footsteps in History. Other popular tours include the Historic and Architectural District Walk (1.5 miles) and the Garden Tour (1 mile). All Walks depart from King Street Station, just west of College Street.

You can hop aboard any number of trolleys that travel around Old Town St Augustine during your stay, making getting around town easy. The Trolley Company runs tours every half hour and covers a range of themes, including architecture and history; Fiesta Cruises offers narrated Motorcoach cruises around town; while Segway & Trolley has branded pedal cars for visitors wanting to explore “Old Town St Augustine on the Big Wheel.”

Rivertown Vibe: Art, culture, and nightlife.

Despite its small status (as a “river town”), St. Augustine — with its surrounding lovely beaches, historic architecture, and lush creekside parks — should hardly be called “historic,” at least not in terms of American history. In fact, it’s considered one of Florida’s youngest towns when you look at its recorded founding date.

This doesn’t mean, however, that the city lacks character or a unique sense of place. Au contraire! St. Augustine has an eclectic vibe all its own, shaped by years of cultural influences and melded into a river town atmosphere that’s perfect for those who enjoy art, culture, and nightlife.